Frequently Asked Questions


Boron Nitride Thermal Paste: Why do I need it and what are the benefits?

Boron Nitride is a compound that helps with heat conduction. We suggest using it on any surfaces that need to conduct heat - between the heater cartridge and hotend, temperature sensor and hotend, and nozzle and hot end. Boron Nitride is great for the Mosquito hotend, but will also work nicely with any other all metal hotend.

Do you  have groove mounts available for the Mosquito?

We’re not huge fans of the groove mount adapter system… but for those with a groove mount on their printers, one of our distributors, Printed Solid, has created a nice solution that mounts to the Mosquito hotend.

I'm experiencing filament jams when printing PLA! Help!

By design, the Mosquito hotend is created with more precision than the typical hotend. More precision leads to better prints, but also means some filament materials may require more finesse to dial in the settings just right. Check out this great article on adjusting your printer settings for PLA: 

I bought a Mosquito hotend, now how do I get it on my printer?

We have a whole list of adapters you can print on our Documentation page, and are constantly adding more. If you choose to print an adapter, we suggest using a material with a glass transition temperature above 90C (Tg>90C), such as ABS or PETG to provide more rigidity at elevated printing temperatures.

If your printer isn’t on that list, let us know and we’ll try to get one built.

We’re also in the process of building out a selection of all metal adapters for a variety of common printers.

Should I buy a more powerful heater cartridge?

Yes! It will allow you to reach higher temperatures, expanding the range of filaments you can print, and will help you reach normal operating temperatures faster.

However, please check that your printer puts out enough power to support the heater before purchase!

I clogged my heat break! What do I do now?

All hotends can clog at times, and all-metal hotends can be more prone to clogging with PLA. The simplest way to clear a clog in the heat break of any all-metal hotend is to perform a cold pull or atomic pull.

If that doesn’t work, the Mosquito hotend has been designed with high temperature materials in mind. Simply disassemble the Mosquito by removing the hot block (nickel colored component that contains the heater and sensor) and heat break (filament path) from the heat sink (black component with the Mosquito logo on it) by removing the tiny M1.4 screws with the Allen wrench included with your Mosquito hotend. Place the hot block and heat break into an oven at 500C+, and burn out the plastic. Please do not put the heat sink in the oven. It will deform. Also, please do not burn yourself.