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The Highest Quality 3D Printing You've Ever Seen.

Take your projects to the next level with parts that help you print with beautiful resolution, 150% faster, and with engineering-grade plastics.


Say Hello To Beauty.


You are not the masses. But your 3D printer is built for them. Set yours apart and let your project rise above with the best resolution that truly matches what only you can envision.

Less visible layer lines. Extreme precision. Exceptional beauty.


Breathtaking Velocity.


Slam the accelerator without sacrificing precision. With the fastest hotend in the world, you can finish your prints 150% faster than with a standard hotend.

Oh, and it’s still 20% faster than all other high-flow rate hotends on the market.


Become engineering-


Stop peering into the world of plastics that normal 3D desktop printers can’t touch. Take your printer to 450°C and use the plastics you always wanted to for molds, medical devices, end use parts, automotive components, and more.


"Simply the best in-class."

— Greg S. Dallas, TX

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