Hurricane Dorian update

We are closely monitoring the approach of Hurricane Dorian off the Florida coast. Unfortunately, we do not know at this time when product shipments will be suspended or reinstated. We are tuned in to USPS, UPS, FedEx and DHL updates to stay abreast of the situation. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. To anyone in the path of the hurricane: stay safe! Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Daniel Barousse
Mosquito™ Installation Instructions

This has been a long time coming, but we have finally posted general installation instructions for the Mosquito™ and Mosquito Magnum™ hotends. More detailed instructions for specific printers will be coming, along with assembly and disassembly guides. Check out the new guide on our Documentation page.

Daniel Barousse
The Bears are coming too

Yesterday we posted about the Bunny extruder for the Prusa machines, today it’s about the Bear upgrade. Many of you are familiar with the Bear upgrade - as the name implies, it makes your Prusa machine sturdier than stock. And now, you can have you Bear with a Mosquito. Thanks to Ben @Argolein for building this Thing.

Daniel Barousse
Do you like bunnies?

The fine team over at @BunnyScience has built a Mosquito compatibility kit to go along with the BNBSX Short Ears extruder for the Prusa Mk3 an Mk3S printers. You can find all the files on Thingiverse - the original kit here, and the Mosquito version files here. According to the The BNBSX printable extruder benefits from low mass, improved extrusion ratio, and less fiddle-factor, all things that we here at Slice can get behind.

Daniel Barousse
Big news Monday!

Hey! We’ve got some big news for this Monday morning after Independence Day weekend:

  1. Slice Engineering has been accepted into the Univesity of Florida startup incubator: the UF Innovation Hub. Our offices have moved to this new location: 747 SW 2nd Ave, Gainesville, FL 32601. This gives us access to better facilities, and space to expand our staff so that we can better support you.

  2. All of our founding staff is now full time dedicated to working on Slice. This means better response times to support requests, more new product development, and better engagement with you, our awesome 3D printing community.

SeeMeCNC Adapter now available

We have yet another great adapter available for all of you retro-fitters. The SeeMeCNC printers are great Delta style machines, and now you can add the amazing performance of the Mosquito/Mosquito Magnum to that platform. All SE300 type machines are supported by this adapter, including the Rostock and Artemis printers. Huge shout-out to @TheLightSpeed for creating this Thing!

Daniel Barousse
Need more zest in your life?

Thanks to @ZestyTechnologies we now have a way to mount the Zesty Nimble™ extruder with the Mosquito Hotend™ onto the Creality/Ender platform using this printed adapter, which has a Mosquito compatible mounting pattern.

Daniel Barousse
Prusa Mk3s Adapter now available

We’ve got another new adapter to show you. As always, this is a community sourced design. Huge thank you to Jerry Stegenga, for building yet another great adapter for getting the Mosquito Hotend™ on the Prusa machines. He’s now built an adapter for every printer Prusa has built. You can find a video this thing in action here. As always, you can find the adapter files on our Adapters page, or on Thingiverse.

Daniel Barousse
New printable Mosquito Hotend™ model

Some of you have asked that the printable Mosquito Hotend™ model include a nozzle in the bottom to more easily set the Z-height on your printer build. Your wish is our command. A printable Mosquito Hotend™ with nozzle is now available for download on our website.

Daniel Barousse

Slice Engineering will be a Silver Sponsor at the Midwest Rep Rap Festival in Goshen, IN this year. We’ll also be sponsoring the RC demo derby, by giving a FREE Mosquito hotend to the #1 finisher. Come out and see us, and enjoy the awesome 3DP community party that is MRRF.

Daniel Barousse
New Adapter Now Available for Creality CR10s and Ender 3

Big thank you to the amazing Marteinn Sigurdsson, better known as @3DPIceland, for designing this beautiful adapter to put the Bondtech BMG and Mosquito hotend on the Creality CR10s and Ender 3 printers. He even put together a nice video and made some sweet renderings of the design in Fusion 360. Check it all out on the Thingiverse page or our Adapters page, and be sure to subscribe to his Youtube channel for awesome videos about 3D Printing all sorts of cool things, like amazing landscapes of Iceland!

Daniel Barousse
Printable Mosquito Hotend Model

We’ve had a CAD model of the Mosquito hotend posted for a bit, but it wasn’t optimized for printing. From your feedback it was obvious that many of you wanted to print a physical version, not just play with it in CAD. So, behold! A printable version of the Mosquito Hotend is now available for you to print, and test fit on your printer.

Daniel Barousse
Distributor Page now live!

We’ve created a new page on the website, that shows all of our current distributors/resellers across the US, Canada, Europe and the Middle East. Check them out, especially if you live outside the US!

Daniel Barousse