High Temp Thermistors are Back in Stock!

We’ve re-stocked our high temperature thermistors! To go along with that, we have published the ADC table to our site. If you don’t want to mess with ADC tables, but want your favorite firmware/board to work with our thermistors out of the box, petition them to include the Slice High Temp Thermistor within factory settings! We’re working on getting it on all your favorite firmware.

Revised Website Launches!

We’ve updated our website! It is now sleeker, sexier and (hopefully) better in every way!

The new site has actually been live for a little bit, but we wanted to work out some bugs before revealing our new baby. It’s a fresh, clean design start for us - like a writing on a new, blank sheet of paper.

Please check out the site, and drop us a line with feedback on things you like, or things that need to be fixed.

Daniel Barousse
New York Maker Faire 2018

We attended #WMFNYC recently, and had a blast! Special shoutout to @ProtoPasta and @Mosiacmfg for a great time, and to @MidnightGiant for showcasing his awesome new sword.

Daniel Barousse
ERRF 2018

We are attending the East Coast RepRap Festival June 23rd-24th! Come check out the Mosquito Magnum, a high temp, high flow rate hotend. We will be by the Derby Track. Don't forget to follow us on Twitter @SliceEngineer for updates!

Daniel Barousse
MRRF 2018

We are attending Midwest Rep Rap Festival 2018, on March 23-25th, in Goshen, Indiana. It will be our official product launch for the Mosquito hotend, as well as the rest of our initial product line. We're super excited to be part of the show this year!

Daniel Barousse
Website goes live!

Hey everyone! For months, if you navigated to www.sliceengineering.com, you got a splash page that just said our site was a work in progress. Well, now it is finally live! We have several exciting products to offer, and quite a few more in development. Please explore the site! You can learn more about Slice here, and contact us to provide feedback here, or sign up for our newsletter here.

Daniel Barousse