Hotend Configurator

Formbot Raptor - The Mosquito™ Hotend (Bondtech BMG-M Extruder)

The Mosquito™ Hotend Bundle


Bundle includes:

  • The Mosquito™ Hotend
  • 50W Heater Cartridge (Voltage: 24V)
  • Hotend Cooling Fan (Voltage: 24V)
  • Boron Nitride Paste
  • Nozzle Torque Wrench™: 1.5 Nm
  • Vanadium™ Nozzle (0.4 mm)
50W Heater Cartridge - 24V
50W Heater Cartridge - 24V
50W Heater Cartridge - 24V (Slice Engineering)
50W Heater Cartridge - 12V with Heater Cartridge Extension Cable
50W Heater Cartridge - 12V
50W Heater Cartridge Extension Cable
Boron Nitride Paste
Boron Nitride Paste

Check out the newly updated Mosquito™! Now with a coated heat break!

  • Superior heat break performance - conduct 85% less heat than a standard threaded heat break
  • Increased structural rigidity
  • 450°C temperature rating covers all printable thermoplastics
  • Modular/adaptable to almost any FFF/FDM printer
  • Ideal for multi-extrusion systems
  • Lightweight
  • Note: Requires a printable adapter and the Bondtech BMG-M Extruder! Click here for the adapter.