Mosquito Magnum+® 1.75 Air-Cooled Kit - w/ 50W Heater and Single RTD Pt1000

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Kit includes:
  • Mosquito® Heat Sink - Magnum+ (x1)
  • Hot Block Magnum+ - 1.75 (x1)
  • Mosquito® Heat Break - Standard - current (x1)
  • Hot Block Hardware - Magnum+ (x1)
  • Industrial Heater - 50W 24V (x1)
  • RTD Pt1000 (x1)
  • Hotend Wrench Set (x1)
  • Hotend Mounting Hardware (x1)

Note: Slice Engineering will fully assemble this product. However, removal of the heat sink may be required for certain 3D printer installations depending on the mounting interface. Reassembly should be undertaken with care and must be performed per the Magnum+ Assembly Instructions.

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