Hardened Nozzle

Hardened Nozzle


Use this nozzle with care. No, we don’t mean use it gingerly. You can’t break it. It’s virtually unscratchable. It’s actually hard to differentiate between the brand new and the used nozzles (minus the filament residue). That’s just how little regular use affects this metal. It’s the same material used to machine the blocks of titanium used for jet aircraft bulkheads.

So when we say use it carefully, we just mean don’t lose it.

But it doesn’t really matter if you do, because we offer a lifetime warranty.

We also ensure that your print isn’t damaged by plastic build-up on the nozzle. Using an anti-adhesive coating, you won’t experience misprints from plastic being scraped across your masterpiece.

People who truly value their prints and put deep care into their finished product — they want the most durable, reliable, premier nozzle to carry out the job.

Or you could buy five cheap nozzles from China and replace them every other month when they break. But just remember when they’re being shipped here from overseas: they’re being transported on an airplane whose bulkheads were machined with the metal we use in our nozzles.

That’s embarrassing for you, isn’t it?

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  • M4 high speed steel

  • 0.4 and 0.6 orifice sizes