Hardened Nozzles - PREORDER

Hardened Nozzles - PREORDER

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Our nozzles are warranted forever, so print carbon fiber filaments all day long, use steel feeler gages for bed leveling if you wish, and worry not about damaging your nozzles.  For the material we selected M4 High Speed Steel, with its high carbon and vanadium content, for exceptional abrasion resistance. Hardened and tempered to 65 Rockwell C.

M4 possesses superior hot hardness and abrasion resistance, far exceeding that of A2 tool steel used in other hardened nozzles.  Nozzles with high thermal conductivity offer no advantages, and only in exotic applications are harder materials helpful.

Each nozzle is engraved with the nozzle diameter (e.g. 4 means 0.4, 6 means 0.6) on three wrench flats, equally spaced, and “SE” (indicating genuine Slice Engineering product) on the remaining three wrench flats.  We hold nozzle length and diameter to close tolerances for uniformity of Z-offset and flow rate.

Designed and engineered in Gainesville, FL; Manufactured in Indiana.

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