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Introducing the GammaMaster Nozzle

Peyton Shelton

Marketing and Social Media Coordinator

Over the past two years, our team has dedicated significant effort towards developing a revolutionary new nozzle. After extensive research, testing, and iterative design, we are thrilled to introduce the GammaMaster® Nozzle.

Unlike traditional abrasion-resistant nozzles, such as our Vanadium series, which necessitate a 5-10°C increase in printing temperature, the GammaMaster Nozzle allows for abrasive filament printing while maintaining a thermal performance level comparable to that of a brass nozzle. This is a significant advancement, as standard brass nozzles are unsuitable for printing abrasive filaments because the nozzle material wears down quickly.

In addition to its exceptional thermal performance and abrasion resistance, the GammaMaster Nozzle boasts a unique anti-adhesive surface coating that prevents plastic accumulation around the nozzle tip.

Abrasion Resistance vs. Thermal Performance

Crafted from a new, proprietary hardened alloy, GammaMaster features thermal performance similar to that of a standard brass nozzle and is 2.7 times more thermally conductive than a hardened steel nozzle. The nozzle substrate, or base material, is rated to 500°C, allowing you to print with any material from PLA to Carbon Fiber to PEEK.

Up to this point, our nozzle offerings have fallen into three lines: Vanadium, BridgeMaster®, and AP3X. Vanadium and BridgeMaster are both crafted from unique materials and are designed for different printing applications, while AP3X is a unique nozzle geometry available in both Vanadium and BridgeMaster material variations.

The GammaMaster nozzle is the best of both Vanadium and BridgeMaster. Vanadium is a hardened steel nozzle designed for abrasive filaments, and BridgeMaster is a copper nozzle for high thermal performance. GammaMaster eliminates the need for different nozzle materials and features all the abrasion-resistant properties of Vanadium at a higher thermal efficiency.

Like Vanadium, GammaMaster comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty against abrasive wear. You can read the full warranty and limitations here.

Introducing Low Gamma™ for an Anti-Adhesive Surface

A common problem that has plagued FFF 3D printing since its inception is plastic adhesion at the nozzle’s tip. We have developed a new surface coating called Low Gamma to combat this problem.

In materials science, Gamma (γ) describes the surface energy of a material. It's a measure of the energy required to create a new surface on a material, such as when you cut or polish it. Materials with high surface energy, meaning they have high gamma, tend to be "sticky" and will easily adhere to other surfaces. On the other hand, materials with low surface energy tend to be hydrophobic and will not easily stick to other finishes.

Our Low Gamma coating has a low surface energy preventing the accumulation of plastic around the nozzle's tip. This coating means easier cleanup, fewer failed prints, and a better printing experience. Unlike PTFE-based coatings, our Low Gamma surface coating is rated to 380°C, allowing you to reap the non-stick benefits with a more extensive range of materials.

The measured surface energy of the Low Gamma coating is <30 dynes/cm. In the example video below, you can see our Low Gamma coating in action as it forces the Dyne test to bead, revealing that the coating has a lower surface energy than the test marker. The marker wets the uncoated sample, indicating that it has the high surface energy you would expect of a metal substrate.

Typical dyne/cm values for some metals and plastics can be seen here. With a dyne/cm value of less than 30, our GammaMaster nozzles have a lower surface energy than common thermoplastics, encouraging them not to adhere to the nozzle’s surface.

Multiple Geometries Unlock New Possibilities

Our AP3X series of nozzles feature an extended, cone-shaped tip that allows for belt and non-planar printing applications. To continue supporting printers where this extra tip length is necessary, we offer GammaMaster in two geometry options: RepRap and AP3X.

RepRap, our standard geometry, is the same as our Vanadium and BridgeMaster nozzles of the past, sporting M6 x 1.0 threads with a 7 mm thread length and 12.5 mm overall length. AP3X comes to a point with an additional 2 mm of tip length and a 14.5 mm overall length.

RepRap and AP3X geometries are compatible with common metric (6 mm) and standard (1/4 in) socket tools for straightforward installation. The nozzle orifice size is conveniently engraved on three sides of the hex for easy nozzle identification.

100% Made in the USA

We proudly manufacture GammaMaster nozzles in the United States of America. Our skilled employees and partners handle each step of the manufacturing process, ensuring that each nozzle meets the highest standards of quality and reliability. By choosing GammaMaster, you support American manufacturing and jobs, and you can trust that your nozzle is made with care and attention to detail by skilled American workers.