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Mako™ Hotend for Bambu Lab (Pre-Order)

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Unlock a whole ecosystem of nozzle options. Finish prints up to 60% faster. Thousands of hours of reliable printing. Compatible with X1 and P1 series printers from Bambu Lab.
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Mako enables effortless and quick nozzle changes, saving time and hassle for Bambu Lab X1 and P1 printers. It unlocks high flow performance for efficient printing and ensures reliable thermal insulation and durability. Abrasion-resistant and compatible with a wide range of filaments, Mako provides long-lasting, versatile printing capabilities for any application.


  • Change nozzles in seconds
  • Prevents jamming and clogs with our Bimetallic Heat Break™ technology
  • Finish prints up to 60% faster
  • Improve print quality without reducing speed
  • Print most plastics from flexible filaments like TPU to abrasive filaments like those reinforced with carbon and glass fibers

Upgrade Options

  • Electronics Preference
    • Use Stock Electronics: With this option, you will need to remove the existing electronics (heater/sensor/fan) from your machine and install them into our product yourself.
    • Pre-Installed Electronics: Choose this option if you would like us to pre-install the electronics into our product for you.
  • Nozzle Type
    • GammaMaster: Experience the strength of abrasion-resistant nozzles, ideal for printing with carbon and glass fiber filaments.
    • CHT: Optimize hotend output by splitting incoming filament into 3 strands, heating the core of the filament while enhancing mixing & boosting mechanical strength through improved inner layer bonding.

Included With Mako Hotend

  • Mako Hotend for Bambu Lab
  • Selected 0.4 mm FIN Nozzle (GammaMaster/CHT)
  • Mako Silicone Boot
  • Mako Retaining Clip
  • Mako Air Dam
  • Heater Adapter
  • Thermal Grease (Pre-applied for pre-installed electronics variants)
  • Electronics (Optional)
    • Heater
    • Sensor
    • Fan

  • X1 Series
    • X1
    • X1-Carbon
    • X1-E
  • P1 Series
    • P1P
    • P1S

Enjoy a 30-Day Customer Happiness Guarantee with full refund, replacement, or repair options if our products don't meet promised results. Exclusions apply. See terms for full details.

Free shipping over $50 is available for US customers only. See terms for full details.

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mako nozzle change

Effortless Nozzle Changes

Mako's rigid & patented roll cage design ensures durability and crash protection, enabling nozzles to be swapped in seconds. You'll never need to remove the entire hotend again just to change the nozzle size.

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Optimized High Flow Performance

The flow diffuser within Mako's hot block enables a steady and consistent flow rate that guarantees a fast and efficient printing experience. By encouraging laminar flow and minimizing internal turbulence, the flow diffuser enhances extrusion efficiency and delivers high-quality prints with every use.

mako hotend with boot

Superior Thermal Performance

Experience improved printing with our Bimetallic Heat Break technology, reducing heat creep and clogging while enhancing performance with higher-temperature or difficult to process filaments like Nylon (PA), polycarbonate (PC) and TPU. Mako's thermally efficient design, including its copper hot block and aluminum heat sink, provides exceptional thermal performance for smoother, more reliable prints.

Mako FIN Nozzle

FIN Nozzle Standard

The FIN's innovative nozzle geometry interlocks with the silicone boot, completely insulating the hotend and protecting it from cool air and plastic. Multiple manufacturers, including fan favorites like Bondtech, Diamondback, and Micro-Swiss have launched versions of their best nozzles using the new FIN Standard. With a 6 mm hex, nozzles using the FIN Standard can be easily swapped using our Nozzle Torque Wrench™.

Mako Hot Block with Standoff Tube

Durable and Rugged Design

Mako is designed with high-quality materials like high-strength copper alloys, aircraft grade aluminum, & strain-hardened steels, allowing it to print for thousands of hours without a drop in performance. Designed with our patented “roll cage” design, the heat sink connects to the hot block with a rigid tubular structure. This unique feature protects the delicate heat break from crashes and other abuse and allows one-handed nozzle changes.

Installation Video

Technical Specifications

Dimensions 25 x 15.5 x 43 mm
Mass 22.9 g
Cooling Air
Filament Diameter 1.75 mm
Temperature Rating* 400°C
Nozzle Compatibility FIN
Maximum Heating Power 48 W (24 V)
Number of Temperature Sensors 1
Manufacturing Assembled in the USA

* Temperature Limitations: Although the Mako Hotend is rated up to 400°C, Bambu Lab Printers are limited to 300-320°C by the firmware depending on the model.

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