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General Notes:
1) In certain instances, you may need to strip the wires of our heaters and temperature sensors and attach your own connectors.
2) If installing a hotend with an extruder or with a new temperature sensor, certain firmware updates or G-code changes may be needed.
3) Unless provided below, a custom fan shroud may be needed to attach our hotends to your printers.
4) If you don't see your printer below, have no fear! Our hotends are modular/adaptable to almost any FFF/FDM printer. If you can make or find an adapter online that can hold our hotend onto your printer, then our hotend should work for your printer. To request that your printer be added to our Shop By Printer, please click here.
5) We highly recommend using higher temperature/higher strength plastics for the printable adapters shown below, as hotends do get hot… In most cases ABS will work, but please do not use PLA to mount our hotends to your printer.