Creality Ender Upgrade Bundle - Copperhead Hotend
Creality Ender Upgrade Bundle - Copperhead Hotend
Ender Upgrade Kit on Printer
Creality Ender Printer With Ender Upgrade Kit
Creality Ender Upgrade Bundle - Copperhead® - 50W Heater/300°C Thermistor

Creality Ender Upgrade Kit

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Unlock the full potential of your Creality Ender printer with the Copperhead® Hot Block and C-E Heat Break. We outfit 3D printers with premium engineering-grade components that drastically improve performance.

This plug-and-play upgrade kit can help you melt plastic faster with our quick-heating copper hot block and minimize clogging with our bimetallic heat break. This easy-to-install upgrade results in less downtime, less wasted filament on failed prints, less tinkering, increased throughput, and better bridging performance (thanks to the BridgeMaster® Nozzle).

The Creality Ender 3D Printer Hotend Upgrade Kit is more than just an all-in-one solution for the common problems facing Creality Ender users—it's the next step in your additive manufacturing evolution. Get back to just pressing print and watching your dreams become a reality.

Compatible Printers for Copperhead® - No Heater/Sensor Variant:

  • Ender 2 / Ender 3 / Ender 3 Max / Ender 3 V2 / Ender 3 Pro / Ender 5 / Ender 5 Pro / Ender 5 Plus / Ender 6
  • CR-10 V1 / CR-10S / CR-10-S4 / CR-10-S5 / CR-10 Mini
  • CR-20 / CR-20 Pro
  • Other:  Tevo Tornado / LONGER LK5 PRO / Tronxy X5S

Compatible Printers for Copperhead® - 50W Heater/300°C Thermistor Variant:

  • Ender 3 / Ender 3 V2 / Ender 3 Pro
  • Other Creality printers, but may require applying new connectors to the heater and/or sensor to allow for installation in the desired printer's motherboard 


  • Installation instructions for upgrading your Creality Ender 3 Printer with this bundle can be found here
  • A stock or aftermarket Creality Ender 3 heat sink (with a set screw that accepts the stock Creality heat break) is required for this to work.
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    This modular hotend seriously impressed me!

    Thomas Sanladerer

    Youtuber, 417K Subscribers

    Best Upgrade for Ender Hotends

    This Copperhead Heat Break is the best investment to upgrade my Ender Hotend. It has solved all of my head clog problems. I will be adding one to my other machines.

    By Howard M.

    Copperhead Heat Break on Ender 3 Hotend

    “I just purchased and installed the Copperhead Heat Break on my Ender 3 hotend. Install worked great. My clogging issues just stopped. Best upgrade Ive done. Worked immediately.”

    By Darrin G.

    Best upgrade!

    "Buying the Copperhead Heat Break C-E was the best upgrade for my Ender3 and Ender3 Pro. It changed the quality of my print 100 times!"

    By Bruno L.

    Upgrade Your
    Creality Printer

    Prevent Clogging

    The Copperhead® Bimetallic Heat Break™ melts filament faster and conducts 60% less heat across the Break Zone than competing heat breaks, eliminating heat creep and reducing clogging. Rated to 450°C, this heat break covers the gamut of printable thermoplastics and is ready for whatever applications you may need.

    Plug and Play

    The Creality Ender Upgrade Kit is designed to plug right into your existing stock or aftermarket Ender heat sink. The installation process is quick and easy, meaning less tinkering and more printing.

    Improve Bridging

    Equipped with the BridgeMaster® Nozzle, this upgrade kit can help you achieve peak bridging performance. The increased thermal conductivity of our copper alloy, carries heat efficiently all the way to the nozzle tip, enabling you to maximize part cooling, without worrying about decreasing filament temperature at the nozzle tip. 

    Bundle Includes

    Copperhead® Heat Break

    Print at high temperatures (up to 450°C) , gain access to engineering-grade plastics, and eliminate heat creep with this low-cost heat break upgrade.

    BridgeMaster® Nozzle

    This 3D printer nozzle is optimized for thermal conduction, allowing you to achieve peak bridging performance while printing. Buy the BridgeMaster® nozzle now.

    Copperhead® Hot Block

    This copper hot block with nickel plating helps your Copperhead™ Hotend melt plastic up to 450°C. Purchase this copper alloy hot block from Slice Engineering.

    Copperhead® Silicone Boot

    Protect your Copperhead® Hot Block from cooling air and plastic adhesion with this silicone boot made by Slice Engineering. It's even made to repel plastic!

    Boron Nitride Paste

    This non-electrically conductive paste significantly improves heat conduction between 3D printer components and maximizes the heating potential of your printer.

    Note: If you are ordering the Copperhead® - 50W Heater/300°C Thermistor variant of this product, the Boron Nitride Paste is preapplied and not included as a separate product.

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