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Prusa i3 Upgrade Kit (MK2.5/3/3S/3S+)

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Unlocking the full potential of your Prusa i3 printer has never been easier with the help of the Prusa i3 Upgrade Kit. Compatible with MK2.5, MK3, MK3S, and MK3S+, the Prusa i3 Upgrade Kit fits a wide range of Prusa i3 models. This kit is designed to be an easy plug-and-play upgrade resulting in less downtime, less wasted filament on failed prints, less tinkering, increased throughput, and higher print resolution.

The Prusa i3 Upgrade Kit currently comes in two versions: Copperhead® and Mosquito®. The Copperhead® version utilizes the stock heatsink on your Prusa i3 and is a direct replacement for the stock hot block and heat break. Both upgrade kits utilize the stock heater and temperature sensor. The Mosquito® version contains a 3D printed enclosure which allows the easy installation of our signature Mosquito® Hotend onto your Prusa i3. Currently, the Mosquito version is only compatible with the MK3S+. We do provide links to printable parts below that can be used to upgrade the MK3S printer with the Mosquito Kit.

The Mosquito® Hotend features our patented ‘roll cage’ design that connects the heat sink to the hot block with surgical tubes. This unique construction permits the use of a very thin Bimetallic Heat Break™ that eliminates heat creep, reduces clogging, and improves printing resolution. The Mosquito® Hotend conducts 85% less heat than a standard threaded heat break and has increased structural rigidity, allowing for a One-handed Nozzle Change™.

The Mosquito® version of the Prusa i3 Upgrade Kit comes with printed parts to make the installation process as simple as possible. These parts are printed with black ASA (ASA is used for its high heat deflection temperature), but files are available to print your own parts in whatever color or material you prefer.

Proudly shipped with parts machined, manufactured and printed in the USA. Our printed parts were even printed on a Lulzbot (USA Printer) using filament produced in the USA!

Mosquito® Kit includes:

Compatible with:

  • Prusa MK3S+

To use this kit on an MK3S printer, your printer must have the red PCB IR-Sensor (the black PCB IR-Sensor may not function properly with this kit) and you will need to print the following parts:

Note: Installation instructions for upgrading your Prusa i3 MK3S+ with this Mosquito kit can be found here.