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Making Waves at Rapid + TCT 2023

Shao-Ting Huang

Technical Sales Engineer

Introducing Our Next Generation Hotend

Slice Engineering was exhibiting next to the SME Main Stage and SME Zone at Rapid + TCT this year. With an announcement by Todd Grimm on the main stage as well as our press conference held during the show, we were proud to present our next generation hotend - Mosquito® Prime™.

Bridging the gap between additive manufacturing and traditional production methods, Mosquito Prime is the fastest FFF hotend in the world. With a flow rate of 116 mm3/s, or 516 g/hr, it is the most suitable hotend for a production environment. Download the Mosquito Prime White Paper here.

Changing Print Farm Workflows with One-Clip

At RAPID, we showed off the Infinity 3DP IXBOX Pro printer and One-Clip Hotend, a solution that maximizes printing efficiency and reduces printer maintenance downtime. You can easily keep your printers running simply by swapping out the hotends within seconds. 

This brings a much tighter lead time you can promise the customers and ensures the printers are running as close to 24/7, 365 as possible without missing a beat. 

GammaMaster® Nozzle

While Mosquito Prime and One-Clip were at the forefront of our display, we also shared our latest breakthrough in nozzle technology with the GammaMaster Nozzle. This next-generation nozzle is resistant to abrasive material maintaining high thermal performance qualities. The surface of the nozzle is also coated with our Low Gamma™, anti-adhesive coating to prevent materials from sticking to the nozzle’s tip.

Hotend-Extruder Integration with Bondtech

Another highlight from this year’s exhibition is bringing our industry partners together at the booth. Not only did we prepare a card to highlight the partners that were onsite at the show, but we also featured Swedish extruder manufacturer, Bondtech, at our booth too. We were joined by Bondtech’s founder, Martin, and Head of Marketing, Nuno, throughout the week. 

Partner Spotlight

Throughout the last six years of partnering with various industry leaders, we have accumulated multiple leading partners that also presented at the show. Check out these Partner Spotlights: 

Printed Solid — David Randolph
Our first resell partner since 2018. David shares his take on what made him pick up the Mosquito hotends when he saw their debut at MRRF six years ago.

Essentium — Kris Oftebro
Kris shares the extent of printing capacity that will be opened up by offering a kit that can be easily integrated into Essentium’s machines.

Juggerbot3D — Zachary DiVencenzo
Zachary dives into what it means to their customers to have Mosquito Magnum+ on their printers in a production environment.

Yaskawa America — Bryan Knight
Bryan extracts even more performance on Yaskawa’s demo machine to show off their motor system.

Lincsolution — Hyung Sun Yoon
R&D Director, Hyung Sun, emphasizes the craftsmanship of Slice’s components and elevates the reliability for Lincsolution.

Slice Engineering Virtual Booth Tour — Daniel Barousse
Lastly, for those who didn’t have the chance to see us in Chicago, here’s Dan giving you a virtual tour of our booth’s display!