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LGX Lite Mount

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The Mosquito® Hotend ALU Mount Plate is used to attach your Mosquito® Hotend or Mosquito® Magnum Hotend directly to the LGX Lite Extruder. The Copperhead® Groove Mount Hotend PA12 Mount Set is used to attach your Copperhead® Groove Mount Hotend to the LGX Lite Extruder.

Mosquito® Hotend ALU Mount Plate

Material Specifications

This LGX Lite mount plate has been machined in Aluminum and has been bead blasted.

Installation Instructions

To install this Bondtech LGX mount, face the flat surface against the LGX Lite‘s bottom and tighten it with the 3x M3x8 countersunk screws. Then, fit the PTFE tube and attach the Mosquito Hotend to the adapter from below using 2x M2.5 screws.

Included Components

  • 1x Aluminum Mount Plate
  • 3x M3x8 countersunk screw
  • 1x 8.8mm long PTFE Tube

Required Components

  • 2x M2.5x4 screw for Mosquito/Mosquito Magnum/Mosquito Magnum+ Air (found in the Mosquito Mounting Hardware Kit)
  • 2x M2.5x12 screw for Mosquito Liquid / Magnum+ Liquid
    (requires independent sourcing)

Copperhead® Groove Mount Hotend PA12 Mount

Material Specifications

This mount has been laser sintered in Polyamide 12 and has been bead blasted. It is supplied with a wax protective coating to lower sensitivity to moisture and grease, while remaining fully functional.

Included Components

  • 1x PA12 Mount plate front
  • 1x PA12 Mount plate brace
  • 2x M3 Hexagon nut
  • 2x M3x10 Low-head screw
  • 3x M3x6 Low-head screw