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Slice Engineering Announces Partnership with Infinity 3DP

Peyton Shelton

Marketing and Social Media Coordinator

As the desktop 3D printing industry grows, so does the need for innovative and unique desktop printing solutions. In an effort to continue pursuing our commitment to innovation within FFF, also known as FDM*, printing, Slice Engineering is excited to announce a new partnership with Infinity 3DP.

Infinity 3DP is a leading provider of 3D printer technology for both professional and prosumer markets based in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan. With a focus on user experience and precision, Infinity 3DP has established a reputation for delivering reliable and high-quality machinery.

Infinity 3DP’s focus on research and development has created efficient and practical industrial-grade desktop 3D printers. To set themselves apart from the rest of the desktop 3D printing market, Infinity 3DP has developed a patented, quick and easy hotend change technology called ‘One-Clip,’ which allows the swapping of entire hotends within their printer in only seconds.

On February 17th, 2023, Infinity 3DP will host an event called “Launch of US-Taiwan 3D Printing Nozzle Technology Collaboration and Exhibition of Innovative Technology,” at which their ‘One-Clip’ hotend technology will be showcased in integration with Slice Engineering’s Mosquito Hotend. 

“As a designer, the appearance of Slice Engineering's hotend immediately caught my attention,” says Jimmy Liao, Infinity 3DP’s CEO. “The exceptional performance and careful design are evident upon first glance. After further testing, I was impressed by the ease of use of the hotend after numerous rounds of switching materials, which consistently produces stable and reliable prints. This feature greatly reduces maintenance burdens for users. This partnership represents a significant enhancement to our overall 3D printing capabilities and quality, and we are excited to work with Slice Engineering.”

“At Slice, we are always searching for value-added strategic partnerships, especially when shared technology creates an outcome greater than the sum of its parts,” says Slice CEO Daniel Barousse. “Our hotend technology combined with Infinity's One-Clip geometry creates a robust, high-performance print head that optimizes accessibility for the end user."

Slice Engineering and Infinity 3DP are determined and excited to help the average consumer succeed on their 3D printing journey by providing an industrial hotend that utilizes Infinity 3DP’s quick swap, ‘One-Clip’ technology.

Infinity 3DP and Slice Engineering take pride in designing, developing, and producing top-quality products domestically. This partnership fosters both companies' goals and core values of both companies and opens the door to new possibilities in desktop 3D printing.

As Slice continues to grow and pursue new avenues for value-added innovation in FFF 3D printing, partners like Infinity 3DP are crucially important. We are thrilled to partner with Infinity's talented and driven engineers and explore future opportunities in the dynamic Asia-Pacific 3D printing industry.

*FDM is a registered trademark of Stratasys, Inc.