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With Us.

We build world-leading 3D desktop printer components: hotends, nozzles, heaters, thermistors, and other parts that push the boundaries of performance that others in the market can’t touch. Partnering with us will not only greatly enhance your printer's performance, but also lift your brand’s reputation with our component’s innovation, high quality, and reliability. Working with us frees your R&D team to focus on what they do best: system integration. And allows us to focus on what we do best — as experienced mechanical engineers — heat transfer. If you want your company's printer performance to leap to the front of the pack, then it’s time we talked. 

A little bit about our values

Our mission is to push 3D printing technology forward. We pride ourselves in excellence, innovation, and reliability. And that’s not just a mantra painted on our wall. It’s how we view the world. Louis Sullivan, a renown architect, had a philosophy that’s permeated design, engineering, and architecture: form ever follows function. Within the context of architecture, it means that the shape of a building should primarily relate to its intended function or purpose. It’s simple, but profound. And that philosophy led us to re-imagine some of the components on the 3D desktop printer we were using at the time (before we founded Slice Engineering). Was each piece of our printer optimally designed and structured based on its intended function? From that philosophy flows everything that we do. So we see things a little different. We see things others don’t. If you value what we value and are interested in partnering with us, message us below.