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About Us.


We started off 

with a concept

When it comes down to it, we’re engineers. And when we encounter a problem, it’s compulsive for us to find a solution, or create one. We look to the greatest inventors in history and we see a shared vision: a contagious curiosity about how things work, and an insatiable desire to improve the world. That curiosity inspires us - a vision to push technology forward further than people thought was possible.

One of the great architects, Louis Sullivan, had a philosophy that has permeated design, engineering, and architecture: form ever follows function. Within the context of architecture, it means that the shape of a building should primarily relate to its intended function or purpose.

It’s simple, but profound.

And that philosophy led us to re-imagine some of the components on the 3D desktop printer we were using at the time. Were they optimally designed and structured based on their intended function? I told you it’s compulsive...

That lens to life has unlocked engineering discoveries that led to the formation of Slice Engineering. Because of these discoveries, you can now print faster, with higher resolution, using engineering-grade plastics.


Chris Montgomery, PE

CTO & Co-Founder

Chris is a certified Professional Engineer with over 15 years of experience in product and equipment design, mostly in the medical device industry. He is also an ASME certified Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) expert, one of only a handful in the United States. His specialty is design for manufacturing (DFM), a discipline that finds ways to create the same components for less cost. Chris has more 3D printers in his house than he knows what to do with, and is the main brain behind Slice Engineering. When he’s not working, Chris is an avid skier, scuba diver, gun enthusiast, and inventor (which is also work, but it’s fun too, so we’ll leave it in this category).

Daniel Barousse

CEO & Co-Founder

Dan has experience in the civil aviation, power generation and medical device industries, but has always been fascinated by additive manufacturing (3D printing). He has spent most of the last 7 years in operations, manufacturing, and process development, with a little bit of R&D sprinkled in for good measure. He is a self-proclaimed minimalist (though his wife sometimes disagrees) and loves the elegance of eliminating the waste inherent in traditional subtractive manufacturing by only using what you actually need to make a part. Dan loves running, Crossfit, reading, spending time with his wife and son, and gets super psyched up about brainstorming new ideas and then bringing them to life.