Filament Drying Desiccant
Filament Drying Desiccant
Filament Drying Desiccant - 3 Pack
Filament Drying Desiccant - 5 Pack
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Filament Drying Desiccant

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The Slice Engineering Filament Drying Desiccant is the ultimate solution for moisture-free 3D printing, preventing issues like bubbling, stringing, and delamination. With its highly absorbent activated alumina composition and convenient design, this desiccant ensures optimal printing conditions and superior results, guaranteeing an elevated 3D printing experience.

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Product Includes:

  • Filament Drying Desiccant
  • Humidity Indication Card


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Filament Drying Desiccant with Filament

Activated Alumina vs. Silica Gel

Slice Engineering offers an effective alternative to common desiccants like silica gel. Our Activated Alumina Desiccant, made of highly porous aluminum oxide, is a powerful moisture absorber. It outperforms silica gel, absorbing up to 20% of its weight in moisture, compared to 2-3% for silica gel. Our desiccant is non-toxic, ensuring safe usage for 3D printing applications. For additional information on safety and handling, the SDS (Safety Data Sheet) is available here.

Bambu Lab AMS with Filament Drying Desiccant

Convenient and Efficient Design

We have designed our desiccant canisters to be compact and easy to use. They fit perfectly in the center of filament spools, enabling efficient moisture absorption even in tight spaces like the Bambu Lab AMS. When the desiccant becomes saturated, simply recharge it by baking the canister in the oven at 200°C (392°F) for two hours, preparing it for further moisture absorption.


Monitoring Humidity Levels

We provide a complimentary humidity indicator card that acts as a hygrometer to support your filament drying efforts. The card helps you monitor the relative humidity level of your storage environment. When the card indicates the need for recharging, take prompt action to prevent filament saturation and maintain optimal printing conditions. Read more about the humidity indication card here.

Technical Specifications

Material Activated Alumina
Dimensions Ø 51 x 60 mm
Recharge Temperature 250°C (480°F)
Recharge Duration 2 hours
Safety Non-toxic