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All-in-one Copperhead®

Increase 3D printer performance with the All-In-One Copperhead®, engineered to optimize heat transfer and eliminate heat creep at an affordable price. The All-In-One Copperhead® is everything you need to get started in 3D printing. 

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Heat Breaks

Copperhead® Heat Breaks come in multiple variants to adapt to numerous 3D printers. Copperhead's 450°C-rated Bimetallic Heat Break™ melts filament faster and conducts 60% less heat across the Break Zone than competing heat breaks.

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Hot Blocks

The Copperhead® Hot Block is nickel-plated for superior longevity and reduced emissivity. It has a copper alloy base material for elevated conduction performance and convenient wrench flats to simplify changing nozzles.

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Heat Sinks

Our Groove Mount and Screw Mount Copperhead® Heat Sinks are made from aircraft-grade aluminum and are created specifically to fit our Standard Copperhead® Heat Breaks.

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Copperhead® Hotend Digital Rendering


The Copperhead®

Eliminates heat creep
Reduces jamming
 Access to engineering-grade plastics
 Versatile mounting options
 Uses Rep Rap style nozzles
 Adjustable Z-height for dual extrusion setups
 450°C temperature rating covers all printable thermoplastics
Copper hot block for superior performance


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