Copperhead Hotend Upgrade Bundle
Copperhead Hotend Upgrade Bundle

Copperhead® Hotend Upgrade Bundle

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This upgrade bundle converts your Copperhead® Heat Break into a full Copperhead® Hotend and includes Boron Nitride Paste, a Copperhead® Hot Block, and a Copperhead® Silicone Boot.

Copperhead® Hot Block
  • Nickel-plated for superior longevity and reduced emissivity
  • Copper alloy base material
  • Distinctive laser marking
  • Convenient wrench flats to simplify changing nozzles

The Copperhead® Hot Block is available in one variant that fits all Copperhead® Heat Breaks. It features an M6x1.0 tapped hole to fit Rep Rap style nozzles. For more documentation on the Copperhead® Hot Block, please see the Copperhead® Hotend page.


Boron Nitride Paste

  • Thermal paste for improving conduction
  • Acts as a release agent
  • Unlike anti-seize compounds, Boron Nitride is not electrically conductive, which eliminates the risk of shorting out your heater cartridge or thermistor
  • Use the included applicator to coat the cartridge heater hole in your 3d printer heat block. Insert the cartridge heater while the paste is still wet, then let dry. The boron nitride boosts dissipation of heat from the hot section of the cartridge heater, improving its life.
  • Retails in 1 cc syringe with luer lock fittings
  • Stable to 850 °C in air, 1800 °C in a vacuum. SDS available here
  • RoHS and REACH compliant


Copperhead® Silicone Boot
  • Made from high-grade silicone for higher temperature resistance
  • Thickly molded with internal air cavities to ensure optimal thermal insulation and tear resistance
  • Rated to 290 °C printing temperatures
  • Spring loaded to keep the boot firmly in place on the hot block at all times
  • Endowed with easy to use finger grips to aid in installation and removal
  • Coated with a clear adhesion-reducing coating for minimizing plastic adherence
  • Optimized to fit with Slice Engineering nozzles (but will still fit other Rep Rap style nozzles with 7 mm or smaller hex sizes)

Protect your hotend investment with the Copperhead Silicone Boot

Fits Copperhead Hotends with Copperhead Hot Blocks. Click here for installation instructions.

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