PRE-ORDER: Hardened Nozzle

PRE-ORDER: Hardened Nozzle


Would you like an indestructible nozzle? Try ours out. With a 64 Rockwell C hardness (Vickers HV 910) minimum rating, it’s virtually unscratchable. It’s actually hard to differentiate between the brand new and the used nozzles (minus the filament residue).

We also use a repellent coating to reduce plastic build-up on the nozzle, so you are less likely to experience misprints from plastic being scraped across your masterpiece.

People who truly value their prints and put deep care into their finished product — they want the most durable, reliable, premier nozzle to carry out the job.

Or you could buy a couple A2 nozzles and take your chances on them wearing out. But just remember: they’re likely being machined with the metal we use in our nozzles.

That’s embarrassing for you, isn’t it?

Oh, and did we mention that we offer a lifetime warranty against abrasion?

Nozzle Size:
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  • Lifetime warranty against abrasion

  • Wear resistant, plastic repellent coating

  • High speed steel, hardened and tempered to 64 Rockwell C.

  • 0.4 and 0.6 orifice sizes