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LGX Shortcut Accessories for Anycubic

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This set allows you to install a Bondtech LGX Shortcut Mosquito® Printhead or an LGX Shortcut Copperhead® Printhead onto your Anycubic Mega-X, Mega-S or Mega-P(ro). It's time to say goodbye to the heat creep and under extrusion issues commonly found on Anycubic printers.

 The main advantages of this LGX Upgrade include:

  • Use all available nozzle temperatures without compromise
  • Master abrasive, rigid, flexible and soft filaments
  • Far better part cooling
  • Clean, simple and easy to install
  • Improves extrusion’s reliability and resolution

Please note, this product requires, but doesn't include, the following items:

    Print Parameters

    You may 3D print with the Bondtech LGX Shortcut on your Anycubic using a generic profile with the exception of the 2 settings described below:

    • Adjust the e-steps value
      • Locate the Start G-code on the profile you use for your Anycubic on your slicer.
      • Add the following command to the beginning of the Start G-code:
      • M92 E400
    • Adjust Retraction Distance
      • Locate the Retraction Distance under Print Settings on the profile you use for your Anycubic on your slicer.
      • Change the Retraction Distance setting to:
      • 0.6 mm

    Compatible Nozzles

    • Vanadium™ Nozzles - Print extremely abrasive filaments at high temperatures with this nozzle
    • BridgeMaster® Nozzles - These nozzles are optimized for thermal conduction, allowing you to achieve peak bridging performance while printing.
    • Bondtech CHT Coated Brass Nozzles - Get at least 30% more flow from your hotend with Bondtech CHT Coated Brass Nozzles! These trifurcated nozzles are ideal for high-flow applications.

     For installation & setup instructions, click here.