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Mosquito® Prime™

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Experience Mosquito® Prime™, the world's highest volumetric flow rate hotend—the ultimate combination of speed and reliability built to save you time and money. Featuring advanced thermal engineering, structural rigidity, and world-class US-based support, Mosquito Prime delivers precise and consistent high-flow extrusion, ensuring high-quality prints every time.

Note: Mosquito Prime is delivered as a kit with your configuration of heaters and sensors pre-installed.

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Mosquito Prime Fast and Consistent Extrusion

Fast and Consistent Extrusion

Mosquito Prime sports a lengthy 61 mm melt zone where filament directly contacts the hot block, allowing for better heat transfer and consistent temperature distribution. Enabled by a unique dual heater configuration of 150 W, Prime melts filament fast for a maximum volumetric flow rate of up to 116 mm3/s, (516 g/hr), with PLA and 64 mm3/s, (280 g/hr) with TPU.

Mosquito Prime Internal Die for Smooth Flow

Internal Die for Smooth Flow

The flow-splitting die within Mosquito Prime's hot block divides the molten plastic into three streams, enabling a steady and consistent flow rate that guarantees a fast and efficient printing experience. By encouraging laminar flow and minimizing internal turbulence, the flow-splitting die enhances extrusion efficiency and delivers high-quality prints with every use.

Mosquito Prime Building on Mosquito’s Legacy

Building on Mosquito’s Legacy

As an extension of the Mosquito line of hotends, Mosquito Prime features a copper alloy hot block rated to 500°C for ultimate material compatibility and a rigid "roll cage" design for enhanced durability. The Mosquito’s signature Bimetallic Heat Break™ ensures efficient thermal isolation of the cold block to prevent filament clogging.

Mosquito Prime Additional Features and Benefits

Additional Features and Benefits

  • Supports up to 3 temperature sensors, one for each temperature zone and a third for redundancy and safety
  • Compatible with RepRap style nozzles (M6 x 1.0 threads with a 7 mm thread length)
  • Compatible with the Mosquito Magnum+ Convection Shield
  • 100% Made in the USA

Technical Specifications

Dimensions 19.95 x 25.1 x 88 mm
Mass 103–140 g
Cooling Air, Liquid, or Conduction
Filament Diameter 1.75 mm or 2.85 mm
Temperature Rating 500°C
Maximum Flow Rate Capacity - PLA (1.4 mm nozzle) 116 mm3/s
Maximum Flow Rate Capacity - TPU (1.4 mm nozzle) 64 mm3/s
Nozzle Compatibility M6 x 1.0 (7 mm thread length)
Maximum Heating Power 150 W (24 V)
Temperature Sensor Compatibility 15 mm length, ø 3 mm
Number of Temperature Sensors Up to 3
Manufacturing Made in the USA

Download The White Paper

Mosquito Prime White Paper

Hotend Comparisons

The Original Mosquito® Mosquito® Magnum Mosquito Magnum+® Mosquito® Prime™
Max Flow Rate Capacity 25 mm3/s (112 g/hr) 30 mm3/s (134 g/hr) 90 mm3/s (402 g/hr) 116 mm3/s (516 g/hr)
Nozzle Orifice 0.2 – 0.8 mm 0.4 – 1.2 mm 0.4 – 1.8 mm 0.8 – 1.8 mm
Mass* 37 g 41 g 73 g 103 g
Overall Height* 41 mm 41 mm 60 mm 88 mm
Max Power 50 W 50 W 100 W 150 W
Filament Size 1.75 or 2.85 mm 1.75 mm 1.75 or 2.85 mm 1.75 or 2.85 mm

* Air-Cooled Version (1.75 mm); Mass/height includes the heat sink, heat break, & hot block