This is where we keep useful information about our products, such as CAD files, dimensional drawings, and safety data sheets. If there is something you would like to know about, and you don’t see it here, feel free to drop us a line, and we’ll try to update that information.


Installation Instructions

Instructions for installing the Mosquito™/Mosquito Magnum™ Hotends

printable mosquito with nozzle.PNG

Printable Mosquito

Want to test fit a Mosquito on your printer before buying? Just print this one!

This is a .3MF file ready to print with nozzle

Assembly /


Instructions for assembling or disassembling the Mosquito™/Mosquito Magnum™ Hotends

Mosquito CAD file.PNG

Mosquito STEP file

STEP file for integrators

vanadium nozzle FOR MARKETING.jpg

Vanadium Nozzle Reference Dimensions

Need the reference dimensions for the Vanadium Nozzles? Look no further!

threaded adapter.PNG

Threaded Stem Adapter

Downloadable STEP file to test fit with your Mosquito/Magnum Hotend. The actual item can be purchased here.

Boron 1.jpg

Boron Nitride Paste

Safety Data Sheet

vanadium nozzle.PNG

Vanadium Nozzle

Want to test fit a Vanadium Nozzle in your printer build? Here is the STEP file.

ADC table.PNG

Resistance Temperature Table

Use this RT table for the Slice High Temp Thermistor

heater unseater - iso2.png

The Heater Unseater

Have a stuck heater cartridge? Print out this handy Heater Unseater and unstick it for good!

To use the Heater Unseater simply print it, grab it (with pliers) and unseat it.