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Eisele Liquid Fittings (2 PCS)

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High-quality screw-in compression fittings for closed coolant applications from the Eisele LIQUIDLINE series. Designed to be a perfect fit for the Mosquito® Liquid series hotends.

Dezincification-resistant brass was especially designed for closed cooling water circuits. This alloy guarantees long life and functionality of all components. Additional safety is achieved by durable FKM-sealings (Viton). LIQUIDLINE threaded connections and push-in fittings for cooling water withstand aggressive watery liquids and many other substances. These brass liquid fittings are resistant to high and low temperatures.

Available in 6 mm or 8 mm OD configurations for 6 mm or 8 mm OD tubing, respectively.

Each package comes with 2 Eisele Liquid Fittings. STEP Files available here.

1) The mass of one 6 mm straight fitting is 11 grams. The mass of one 8 mm straight fitting is 17 grams. The mass of one 6 mm elbow fitting is 24 grams. The mass of one 8 mm elbow fitting is 42 grams. 

2) The compression side should be hand tightened. The threaded side should be torqued to a maximum of 9 Nm for a proper seal.

3) If using these compression fittings with a tube material that has a Durometer of 95A or softer, a tube support will be necessary in order to properly secure the tube within the fitting. An example of a tube support for the 6 mm fittings can be found here and a tube support for the 8 mm fittings can be found here.

4) If using a tubing softer than 95A, we tested and recommend Viton® fluoroelastomer tubing with a Durometer of 75A. Here is a link to the 6 mm OD tubing and here is a link to the 8 mm OD tubing.