LGX Lite Arrow
LGX Lite Arrow outer shroud
LGX Lite Arrow shroud pieces
LGX Lite Arrow assembled shroud
LGX Lite Arrow alt view of outer shroud
LGX Lite Arrow clamp
LGX Lite Arrow  shroud and extruder
LGX Lite Arrow installed on creality printer
LGX Lite Arrow front view installed on creality printer
LGX Lite Arrow close up view installed on creality printer
LGX Lite Arrow shroud

LGX Lite Arrow for Creality

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This upgrade kit is used to mount the LGX Lite Extruder onto the following printers:
  • Creality CR-6 SE
  • CR-6 Max
  • CR-10 Smart

Main Features

  • Converts the compatible printers from a bowden to a direct-drive setup
  • Limits the extra load on the strain gauge to the LGX Lite itself
  • Allows for strain gauge leveling since the housing is light and insulated from the extruder
  • Compatible with all stock hotends and cooling fans
  • Easy to remove for maintenance and service of the hotend and extruder

Please Note: The LGX Lite Extruder is not included and must be purchased separately to use this kit.

Additional Features

- Weight: 65 g
- E-steps : 562 @ 16 microsteps
- Klipper’s rotation_distance : 5.7
- Stepper motor current : 0.45 to 0.65 A max
- Material: Grey polyamide with no dyeing
- Fan Z-Position: Adjustable
- Coating: Wax protective coating
- Max operating temperature : 90°C
- Compatible Hotends (with the addition of an Arrow Hotend Upgrade Adapter Set):

Product includes:

  • 1x LGX Lite extruder mounting set
    • 1x PA12 extruder mount
    • 1x PA12 hotend mount
    • 4x M3x6 button head screw
    • 2x M3x10 button head screw
    • 2x M3x8 button head screw
    • 1x M3x30 screw
    • 1x M3 square nut
    • 1x Capricorn cutting fixture
    • 1x 70mm Capricorn tube
  • 1x LGX Lite Arrow housing set
    • 1x PA12 front housing
    • 1x PA12 left wing
    • 1x PA12 right wing
    • 1x PA12 top lid
    • 1x PA12 fan shroud
    • 1x PA12 (breakout board/cables) cover
    • 2x M3x8 button head screw
    • 1x M3x16 screw
    • 2x M3x20 MC6S screw
    • 3x M3 square nut
  • 1x Powered by Bondtech sticker