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LGX Lite Arrow for Creality

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This upgrade kit is used to mount the LGX Lite Extruder onto the following printers:
  • Creality CR-6 SE
  • CR-6 Max
  • CR-10 Smart

Main Features

  • Converts the compatible printers from a bowden to a direct-drive setup
  • Limits the extra load on the strain gauge to the LGX Lite itself
  • Allows for strain gauge leveling since the housing is light and insulated from the extruder
  • Compatible with all stock hotends and cooling fans
  • Easy to remove for maintenance and service of the hotend and extruder

Please Note: The LGX Lite Extruder is not included and must be purchased separately to use this kit.

Additional Features

- Weight: 65 g
- E-steps : 562 @ 16 microsteps
- Klipper’s rotation_distance : 5.7
- Stepper motor current : 0.45 to 0.65 A max
- Material: Grey polyamide with no dyeing
- Fan Z-Position: Adjustable
- Coating: Wax protective coating
- Max operating temperature : 90°C
- Compatible Hotends (with the addition of an Arrow Hotend Upgrade Adapter Set):

Product includes:

  • 1x LGX Lite extruder mounting set
    • 1x PA12 extruder mount
    • 1x PA12 hotend mount
    • 4x M3x6 button head screw
    • 2x M3x10 button head screw
    • 2x M3x8 button head screw
    • 1x M3x30 screw
    • 1x M3 square nut
    • 1x Capricorn cutting fixture
    • 1x 70mm Capricorn tube
  • 1x LGX Lite Arrow housing set
    • 1x PA12 front housing
    • 1x PA12 left wing
    • 1x PA12 right wing
    • 1x PA12 top lid
    • 1x PA12 fan shroud
    • 1x PA12 (breakout board/cables) cover
    • 2x M3x8 button head screw
    • 1x M3x16 screw
    • 2x M3x20 MC6S screw
    • 3x M3 square nut
  • 1x Powered by Bondtech sticker